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Manhattan Notebook Cooling Pad

Manhattan Notebook Cooling Pad

  • $ 19.99

Reduce notebook computer heat damage and extend service life. More power means more heat and thats why the MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Cooling Pad can make a difference in the life of a portable PC. The heat generated from todays high- performance notebook computers can place an enormous burden on their internal circuitry batteries and other internal electronic components. With space inside the shell becoming smaller fans must work even harder to dissipate damaging heat to maintain a safe operating temperature range. Ergonomic and Ef?cient Cooling Design A MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Cooling Pad raises the notebook for improved air circulation and quiet fans help cool internal components to reduce critical temperature. The gentle slope places the keyboard at a more natural position for comfortable use and reduction of strain and repetitive injury. Illuminated fans add an exciting lighting effect when in use. USB Convenience Low power requirements enable the MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Cooling Pad to operate ef?ciently using USB power and its built-in cable. This eliminates the need for complicated installation and external power supplies adapters or cables. Lifetime Warranty Strict manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality in all MANHATTAN products. All items carry a full Lifetime Warranty the strongest quality commitment anyone can make.

Helps Reduce Operating Temperature For Longer Life &

  • Improved Performance

  • 2 Quiet High-volume Fans Help Dissipate Damaging Heat

  • Stylish & Functional Design With Special Lighting Effects

  • Built-in USB Cable Eliminates Need For External Power Supply

  • Fits Directly Under Any Notebook Computer

  • Requires No Special Installation

  • Lifetime Warranty

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